Raised garden beds

Services & Pricing

No matter the size of your garden or outdoor space, you can reap the many benefits of growing your own homegrown food, here are just a few:
  • improve your health through growing organic and nutrient-dense food and medicine
  • enjoy fresh, delicious food
  • experience food security, separate from any grocery store

  • build life-giving soil and expand pollinator habitats

  • fight climate change with a carbon-negative landscape

  • create a positive impact for yourself, your family and your community


Vertical Gardens

Less Space, More Production

Short on space? These vertical gardens are perfect for your condo, apartment OR just if you prefer to stand grow! Not to mention they are gorgeous and fully transportable.

Sizing options:

  • 3 tiers/18 plants- pricing starts at $650
  • 5 tiers/35 plants -pricing starts at $750
  • 7 tiers/48 plants-pricing starts at $900

Turnkey Raised Garden Bed

Fully Installed & Planted Vegetable Garden

Bursting with health benefits AND flavor, veggie & herb gardening doesn't get any easier than this.

~We choose the best site for your garden, fully construct it, fill with organic soil, plant with delicious plant starts & add organic fertilizers & soil amendments. You receive a custom plant care guide, specific to your garden.

~Includes 1, one week follow up visit.

*REQUIREMENTS: Gardens require a flat surface area that gets at least 4-6 hours of direct sunlight per day and is close to a water source.

~Galvanized metal beds; tall & long lasting!
~Wooden garden beds, crafted with cedar
~Wooden beds, crafted with pine
~Gardens arbors (for vertical growing & beauty)

*Basic 4x4 beds starting at $585

Garden Consultation

An Expert, Only A Phone Call Away

A team member and yourself will meet to discuss the probability of gardening at your location, choose a site(s), what designs would work best and come up with solutions.

This is also the perfect option if you're looking to DIY a project yourself.

Consultations typically run 60 minutes and are $95.

*Pricing is for within 10 mile radius of St Pete; travel fee of

$1.25/mile applies beyond 10 miles*

Refresh & Replant Your Current Garden

Let Us Help You This Growing Season

This is a great service if you want plentiful, year round production, with little work on you or added onto your (already full) plate.

We visit your existing garden to

~remove out of season plants, plant new, in-season varieties, refresh your soil, add in soil amendments & fertilizers to boost plant production and soil health, then finish with a deep watering to establish deep root growth.

Pricing starting at $189/bed

Gardening Class/Workshop

Expert Education, Friendly Service

Want a gardening expert to come talk to your group or students and provide some hands on activities? Do you have a Unique party idea?

Reach out to us for a dream session!

We have the passion and experience necessary to tackle just about any project that comes our way.

Pricing Varies

Custom Garden Builds

Want Something Different?

Do you desire a high-end home garden retreat? Several garden beds? Need help planning a mini farm for your place of business or house of worship?

Reach out to us for a dream session!

We have the passion and experience necessary to tackle just about any project that comes our way.

Pricing Varies

Fruit Tree Planting

Enjoy Your Own Homegrown Fruit!

Want to enjoy your own homegrown, fresh, organic fruit year round? Let us help get you growin'!

Given our tropical climate, Tampa Bay can grow a multitude of fruit trees including (but not limited to): Guava, fig, mulberry, banana, plantain, Jamaican cherry, Barbados cherry, papaya, key lime, mango, avocado, starfruit, jackfruit, passion fruit vine, etc.

We will plant whatever fruit tree you desire, lead by our expert growing advice.

Pricing varies by tree size and location 

Garden Arbors

Always Prepared

Garden Arbors (trellises) are used to enhance your growing space, both practically and aesthetically! Have us add some garden lights for a beautiful space, even in the dark.