Jamaican Cherry Tree

May 25, 2023


Happy Humpday!

We’re midway through fruit week here at Peas & Love and I’m hoping you’re feeling inspired & excited with what you’ve been learning about growing your own fruit so far.

Todays fruit is another of the lesser known fruit trees.

This is not a fruit you will find at a supermarket and probably not even a local farmers market; that‘s because, unfortunately, they don’t ship well.

But what they lack in shipping & transporting, they make up for in flavor, because these little fruits have a flavor of cotton candy! Yes, it’s like growing and harvesting your own candy. Once ripened, these bright pink fruit will satisfy any sweet youth (and so much, that some claim they are too sweet), although I have never had that problem.

Jamaican cherry trees are also called “strawberry trees”, since the beautiful and petite white flowers resemble strawberry blooms.

These blooms put off a light, but lovely, fragrance that bees love. Yes, it’s also a beneficial tree for pollinators!

Jamaican cherry trees are fast growing, (13 feet in two years!), love our tropical climate and are high in Vitamin C.

They are also a low care/low fuss tree.

I highly recommend growing these trees, especially if you are new to gardening; they are so rewarding, plentiful and easy to grow with maximum fruit output and the bonus of a home grown, healthy, sweet Vitamin C source!

Need help planting one? Reach out today!